Barracks Garage – Car Diagnostics

What are car diagnostics?

We believe they’re the quickest and easiest way to get to the root of any problem you might be experiencing with your vehicle. We’ll use specialist diagnostic equipment to communicate with your ECU (Engine Control Unit) to identify any error messages with your electronics and then come up with a suitable repair plan to get you back on the roads as quickly as possible. As ever, you’re more than welcome to wait in our on-site waiting room during your car’s diagnostic appointment, but if you need to use our local vehicle collection and delivery service, just let us know when you make your booking.

Why you should choose Barracks Garage

We might be located just outside Wrexham itself, but we think this makes us the perfect way to escape the hustle and bustle of the city centre. It’s never stopped us from providing the highest quality car diagnostics for over twenty years. What’s more, we always deliver a friendly and personal service to every customer who comes to our garage in Cymau, Wrexham. Every story is different; every vehicle is different – so you’ll always receive a service that suits you and your vehicle perfectly.

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When you’ll benefit from this service the most

Car diagnostics work best as a prevention for a more serious problem. So, if you ever notice an illuminated dashboard warning light or a dip in the performance of your vehicle, it’s time to book an appointment with the specialists. We’ll find and fix the problem before it can cause you an expensive breakdown. Another step you can take to prevent any issues is booking a car diagnostics appointment once a year, much like you would a dental check-up. That way, you’re always aware of any problems that might be developing.

It’s simpler than ever to book your car diagnostics with us!

We pride ourselves on being able to deliver quality quickly and easily and now that extends to the booking process as well. With our online booking tool, you can book an appointment in just a few seconds, no matter where you are or what time of day it is. Just enter your registration number and when you’d like your car diagnostics appointment to be, then let us do the rest. If we contact you, it will only be to confirm your appointment – you won’t pay a penny until after we’ve completed all the work.

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